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Curved Smiles

A multi award winning young african poet. A high profiled student. sculptor of minds.

she wants to be my only
but sometimes it feels lonely
I feel I’m dying slowly.
no one notices.
Yes, i tears unnoticed

•she always feels I could be more
•very autocratic she makes all laws

•but fail to see that, this only built high walls and induced more sores

I feel
like I need a pause .

every disaster I'm always the cause
I’m always blamed for every loss
she's not baby ..she is boss.
my decision are now tossed.
and hers are always forced.
but that's not the worst
cos she still says with me, she still feels lost.

..all this I have nursed..
tried to fightback but always thrown to the dust
I’m done...
I’m gone.
being with you was never a must.

I'm mental picture

© 2018 Nwimo jesse