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Jellyfish Spine

Jellyfish Spine

Jellyfish Spine

Jellyfish Spine

Jellyfish Spine

Jellyfish ink.

Upon my spine a jellyfish, in ink.

Upon my spine--an oxymoron.

How poetic.


In the deep waters floats a jellyfish.


Yet effortless.


Lights the floor.



Rainbow emission

Of the sea.

Rainbow fish become a pale grey

in comparison.

Rainbows, a “meteorological phenomenon”.




Cumulus clouds,

Accumulation of water

in every drain of New York City

City smog pollutes air with the same color

as those rainbowfish-


Or maybe Gray?

I have been told they’re two different colors.

Like the many shades of blue




In the sky whispers

A cold chill

Upon my (cervical) spine.



And suddenly




In my bones break down.


A sacrifice urges me to nothingness.


Six seconds before going under-


I am a jellyfish.

Bones no longer holding me up

Skin no longer protecting me

Head no longer bare these thoughts

Of you

And yes I meant to write “bare” not “bear”

Because my mind simply can not strip the idea of your existence

from my racketing brain

Like a racquetball;

Back and forth

I had always lost.

Losing you meant losing

My soul

And that is not a hyperbole.

I have always been a sore loser

You were the only thing lifting me up

And now I am drowning

A wreck

Like the wreckage of the Titanic.

A three-car wreck.


1. My bones

2. My skin

3. My head

Have become debris lying on the pavement-

Sitting at the bottom of the wasteland

Humans have made and called “Sea”

You see

I am a ghost--spineless

As a jellyfish.

What does it mean?

The poem creates metaphors between the evolution of human life and love. It discusses how, upon death, humans become jellyfish- ghosts with no spine just as jellyfish are spineless. And how losing a lover feels the same as death, hollow inside-spineless.

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi

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