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January, Belgrade (Serbia)

It's raining and flying in the


It seems to have decided

to give way to the rhythm

of melancholy.

He beats the drum

and pecks on the head,

let it,

it's not like a tall child

has a roof

anyway the comet

fell a long time ago

Nights are laughter

and mornings are empty -

too much space for melodies

concentrated in a point

And they give names to the

shadows so they don't sink into the core

of the variable

Rivers flow quietly .

It will not bring down the light

of another mind.

They will not step into Freudian cities

in a state of complete hypnosis

for seven hours straight.

It will not wake up

the mnemonics of the sanatorium

that thought being isolated

is the only solution.

Opening the window to the rain

today is a phenomenon

when there is nothing left but the


lost in Belgrade theory,

because the theory of the

January visionaries must shine

© 2023 Tanja Zivkovic