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Jake, The Queen of Hearts

Shyron has been writing poems from childhood for her family and friends.

Jake Heiman

Jake Heiman

Playing with the Queen of Hearts

The Poker friends of Jacqueline, known to us as Jake are extending our sympathy to her family and all her other friends with this poem.

The Queen of Hearts

Jacqualine “Jake” sat at the poker table to start

This would be her last and greatest game

To try to win her soul the devil would sit in

Jake was dealt a pair of Queens

The devil the Ace and King of clubs

Then came the flop three clubs, a two, a five and a ten

and everyone stayed in

The devil thought he’d win this game with his ace high flush

How could he lose? So, he raised the bet again.

Jake’s friends began to fold

When the Queen of diamonds came up at the turn

She knew she had a good chance and she went all in

When on the river the Queen of hearts came floating in

Jake knew she had nothing to lose

Even if she lost this game

She’d always led an exemplary life shaped by the Golden Rule

And her soul the devil could not win

The Moral of this Poem

If like Jake you play for the camaraderie

You will always win.

© 2020 Shyron E Shenko