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Jah Mon...

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It's Sunday brooo.. common'...

cut me some slack, skin on my back, burne, black, Solomon's,

temple, read, resembles, nun's,

humm hun,

... well, this should be fun..

redrum, redrum,

swig, some,

pirate's, run,

peg, leg, lay's, (in) gray, bilge, scum...

sailing past, a vast, village, slum..

land ho', thar' she blows, ocean coast, musket, would, guns..

first mate says, anchor away chains, throw em',

ships recorder, ordered, a quick, feathered, leaf, pen..

writing again,

fish squint's, hints, whence, wince, when, again, begin...

criticism, within, seas, see, swell, chagrin',

a war before, or, today's new norm, brow's, frown, are you sure, da' thoughts, light, liftin',

stars guide, inside, unless, compass, ship, useless, sway, plays, listing,


fog horn, over there... jetty, spaghetti, boils, waves, raise, foams, cresting,

tides, crashing,


kelp, sways away, sand swings, all, things,


crab says.. "I guess..", shark is king,

orca's ocra screams,


get my jeans...

my boots, loose, and, grab my rings...

it's time, for some trick scenes...

stunts, blunt, belly splash acts, across the wide screen..

black, white, water is near clear, green,

beam, blue, soothes, information's, slow, streams,

rivers line here, and otter, ooze dreams,

do you see anything??

sitting swimming through, oceans forest beginning's,

soup, primordially, primarily, greets, grease, spoon, too soon, sip, steam,

ouch, too hot, blow on it, temperature will decrease,

setting you're mind at ease,

ladle, lifted hoard's, as boards, echoed far, pstittacines whispered whistle sings.. 'any more??' lore's of Thor's.. 'lord..' the captain roars, ...yes, please..