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Jaded, a poem



In my younger years you've nurtured me

You filled my childhood with love and beauty

You have made me feel like nothing's missing

You complete each moment of my everything

And yet as I grew further each day

Somehow, somewhere along the way

I have forgotten your home far away

Like a bird I chose to go,

Why, I didn't choose to stay

I was so busy growing up

That I didn't notice you were getting old

And now you're tired and jaded

And the past seem to have faded

I can never bring back the moments I have wasted.

But only cherish the moments we have left.

© 2018 Roshena


Roshena (author) from Baguio City, Philippines on July 13, 2018:

true, maybe it is indeed a part of life. I didn't even know why I have somehow forgotten how attached I was to my grandma until I see how weak she is now, and I kinda feel sorry that I didn't come to visit often when she was still strong and lively :(

Shannon Henry from Texas on July 13, 2018:

Awww. So bittersweet and even melancholy. I suppose that is part of life, though. One time, I boldly made a promise that I would not stop coming around to my grandma's as my older cousins had started coming less often. She laughed at me. Not to offend me, but because she knew how life really worked. And then she had some wise comment about it that I have since forgotten.

Roshena (author) from Baguio City, Philippines on July 13, 2018:

thanks for reading and for that very thoughtful comment :)

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on July 13, 2018:

This is often the case with our parents or grandparents. As a child and young person, we don't realise how quickly time passes and that people age. we need to make the most of any time we have with our loved ones. Good poem.

Roshena (author) from Baguio City, Philippines on July 12, 2018:

True . :)

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on July 12, 2018:

This is a sad but lovely poem. It's never nice to have regrets about the past but nice when we can at least partially make up for our mistakes.

Roshena (author) from Baguio City, Philippines on July 12, 2018:

Hi :) Thank you for reading. I'm glad you liked it ❤

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on July 12, 2018:

That's a lovely poem, I enjoyed reading it, thankyou. =)

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