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Most of the time I just want to be held, it felt awesome once sometime back. But its those sweet memories that really scare me.
Then lately I feel like its you I need to hold me, maybe make me feel like I did before.
But am really scared ( terrified to be totally honest) of probably getting there and sinking back to being me again or maybe you not feeling the same about it..
I don't really know how to "read between the lines " I don't " take hints ".. am really that blind. If they've been any am pretty sure I missed them all.. Am really good with words so I don't really know why I just come up straight and say it to your face..
am literally scared of love, its paradise I really don't think I deserve. Maybe its my fear of attachment that's getting in the way of my thinking.. or maybe am just not good enough for paradise....
but if you do read in between the lines before I do, then just know for you I'd risk it all for you and only you because you are more than worth it...... even of its just for a day, for you, am always all in.

© 2021 Amani Utembu