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Jubilation to an Admirable Boss


For a dear friend who was once my therapy buddy...


You are a warm bon fire

Lit in the middle of the night

Cradled in the heart of Mother Nature

There you were kept alone and uninterrupted

Your light continued

Warmth and flourished

The child in you just enjoyed each night’s adventure.


There was less to see in the darkness

Few animals and men visit

Seldom would a creature talk to you

You mind them not

You are more interested in their stories and little adventures

Each one fascinated your imagination and views

A good listener you came to be.


An internal fuel ignites in you

Upon hearing excited tones and laughter

Seeing the joy and contentment on their faces

It brings you great joy

When creatures share love and the same warmth

Endless listening to wonderful stories

Each moments are kept inside your fire.


You cannot cry

Water is not in your system

A great deal of worry you feel

When a creature would visit or pass by

You feel fangs of sadness

Intermittent flow of uncertainty

Blows of grief and sorrow

You wanted to help but how can you?


Each creature meet leaves

A memory you treasure everyday

You may forget names and dates

Surely, you can never forget the feeling

Each of them has left burning inside you

Others do come back and share more significant memories

Others may only be with you once and the END

Whatever it is, you treasure each memory the same with high respect.


You cannot expect the same respect or love

You have valued people who did not appreciate it

Others you have kept warm and protected

Left you without goodbyes, forgetting you ever existed

Some even tried to put your fire out

Your fire is within you that is why they failed

Yet every attempt of putting you out and no goodbyes scarred your fire too much

You can only control your light and fire, but never them who did you wrong.


I am only one of those you nurtured

Your warmth rehabilitated me

You remind me of a green meadow beside a lake

Nurtures life and provides serenity

Your light made me see the beauty what lies in the darkness

It might be dark but your fire balanced it out.

Gave me a sense of security not to focus on the darkness

Focus on the light more and not the shadows

You gave me a new way of looking at what is in front of me

You are not perfect


Your imperfections though make you REAL.

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