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JHope - The Best Laugh

I am a graphic designer by profession and loves to read and write in my free time. I have a keen interest in writing poetries.


Hi J-hope from BTS, sunshine of the group

Your name itself implies what you are to us,

Laugh so loud and indeed the most brightest one

You light up everyone with just your funny expressions.

Dance leader of the group and a rapper so fine,

You sing so well, a person so well- defined,

Your movements are hard to read opposite to the nature you have,

So positive, so loving, looks like you’ve just fallen from above.

The love you have for your members is just so pure,

You love them with all your heart and you want to see them grow

Positivity that you spread is just your another trait

Tell me how can you be so beautiful and perfect all at one pace.


Thank you for staying with BTS as the Army knows how you felt,

You didn’t let the haters win and that’s why you are high up there.

Kind-hearted one with the best laugh in the whole world,

Sweetest personality and we love the way you appreciate others.

Army loves you so much and I hope you know it too,

They can’t see you sad and can do anything for you.

Your smile, your laugh is like a medicine to us all,

You are our hope and we are your hope from the start till the end, for sure.

© 2022 Parul Rawat

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