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It’s Time

Bachelors Degree in Organizational Behavioral Psychology with a background in Autism, Mental Health, Business Psychology. Sales Management.


It’s Time for letting go, this pain in my heart.

Eternally struggling, where exactly do I start?

Memory faded into dark, buried in years of pain.

Spaces of blackness; lightening, thunder, rain.


Silent Scream by Anna Blue

Feeling knife as I breathe, constant abyss I’m in.

These echoed voices frozen, held in time but dim.

Tears in a different world and mind, young girl begging.

Grasping struggling for why, memory dawn then forgetting.


Delusional need of understanding, lack belief it ever will.

Accepting impossible, yet I will prevail as I am here still.

© 2019 Abby Rourk

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