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It's Ok Not to Be Ok

It's ok not to be ok

I am sad and it's not ok
Sad of having sleepless nights, Sad of not knowing the reason for being sad.
Sad of not making my self comfortable with anything
There are days where I feel worse
I want to make my self alone where no one sees me.
It's the point where my mind feels empty.
Its the point where I feel tired of everything
Where it feels good to stare at the wall for hours
Here I am trying
trying to keep me happy but I can't.
I failed again and again
Something is missing in me.
I just wanna do something to get busy but this feeling invades me
I am tired
Tired of being happy
Tired of making other happy
Tired of feeling where I can't do anything to make my self happy
Tired of telling people about my feelings
They say it's ok not to be ok
But here I am wishing for the day to understand
"that it's ok not to be ok"
Here I am wishing to get rid of this feeling

© 2021 Sara hashmi

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