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All for You!

I love to write about how certain situations effect us so much later in life. We hold on so tight to tramatic things.

It's All for you!

Sitting among a place seems nothing of fate

It's fear lingering in the corners

A shadow above what you remember

Lost all insight dwelling for a coroner
We prove incorrect values in the footprints
Creating tiny dents among sentiments
Standing alone here without you
My voices desire sheds no innocence
You cannot be far away from experience
Casted out wisdom you cannot ignore

I adore you glistening the beauty
From upon you the glow so bright

It will extinguish all anguish once I see you
Bringing to life my raw emotion
You have never felt
Cause it's only you
That lights my fire
Up from underneath me
You love me all awhile
Angels try pulling you above
So much I started to build
Can you catch the taste of this wasteland
Built for myself I cannot gloom
If only I hide as your groom
From a mystic place you'll see soon
Cause it's only you
The only you I look too
I look to you for guidance
Oh, that you wouldn't know
Cause it's only you that I've grown to love
Will not give in or give up on
This woman you've slowly created
At last I see you worry more outdated
You're scared in a place made of bars
Brick drowning your senses from all around
See you only need me too
A man in one hand a lover in the next
Just bet you will not be tangled up no more
In all your insecurities that I'm sure
Watch me not walk to that door
Cause for you I surrender all that
That past life you started to taste

Would never want that for you
It’s all for you I keep coming back
At last I know who you are
And it's all cause of you.

© 2019 Dom Shadows

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