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It’s All Paused


Meetings are online

School is online

Social distancing is Alive

What if, meeting friends become through online chats

What if bunking classes is turning off a laptop

What if a relationship is a call through WhatsApp

What if traveling the world is only by pictures

What if working is limited to your room at home

What if the world stops right here ...

Working inside homes

Getting food to our door steps

Unemployment rising up high

Greetings of good morning turning to a text

The taste of fast foods dying aside

The long road trips, packing and dressing up

Is to go to bed..

We are turning inhuman

Because, earth is closed my friends

It’s all because of you

Life is heading off to be different

You are not only losing your minds

But look around,

You’ve lost everything around you as well

Things are getting better

But remember where we were

Here’s a reminder to never harm the Earth !!

It’s just a warning sign

© 2020 Sammani Galagamaarachchi

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