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It's You, Be You

Pearly loves reading poems of Edgar Allan Poe to Lewis Caroll and that moved her to write poems also.


When you are fat or chubby

Doesn't mean you are not pretty

Doesn't mean you should be treated crappy

Coz' you have all the right in the world to be happy.

When you are short or tall

Doesn't mean you should be mistreated

Doesn't mean you should be 'belittled'

Coz' you are great in the height that you stand.

When you are dark or light skin colored

Doesn't mean you are banned

Doesn't mean you should be isolated

Coz' you have that color to change the world's color wheel.

When you are insecure, just blindly thinking about things

Just step away from it, you are great

No matter what stupid people will say

They are not you, because you is only you

And you make what changes they can't even make you see.

© 2018 Pearly June


Paul Balagtas from Philippines on November 19, 2018:

Very encouraging poem...Which we need to read specially in these times where many are concerned about their image. I have been bullied so much before because of the way I look and I changed myself not to feel great about myself but to please the people around me...which is sad...

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