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It's Time to Get Up,(Dedicated to Manahil and Malaika).

Time to Wake up is now.

Wake Up,NOW.

Wake Up,NOW.

It's Your Time.

Hay teen beauties….

You both faced the fear of failure,

And unluckily your fears come true.

You both got unexpected results.

Don’t worry, don’t get disheartened.

Don’t shed your tears, wipe them

And move on…..

Have you forget about,

"Try, Try Again" (But please try that... this tries end on your second try, HAHA).

You still have time,

This world is giving you a chance,

to give a second try to your dreams.

You just have to stick to your dreams,

Work hard with full potential,

And then compel the envious people applause,

On your desired victory.

It’s your time, so get up on Time.

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