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It's Time to Write Again Oh Boy !

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Where Is My Pencil And My Stack Of Yellow Lined Paper

I'm dating myself

I had yellow paper left over from school

This is practice paper

All my thoughts are sprawled out on paper

I can make correction after correction

Lines through words I spelled wrong

Even whole lines circled and re written

Later to be added on in a different place

Only to be scrapped at the final moment

As if there was no turning back

The white paper we never got

It was only used for the final copy

When it was time

We had to write real slow

In blue ink and I told myself over and over

I got this

No mistakes



I didn't care it took an hour

Even though I am cursing under every breath now

When I am done

I sit back sleep eyed and yawn

I did it

I knew I could

I just didn't realize it would take me an extra thirty five minutes

There could be no corrections on this paper

This had to be perfect

I could feel my body shift from cheek to cheek

As I leaned on the front of the seat

My hand was ready to fall off

Quit the belly aching

You have to keep going

You have to see it through

I have had many of these conversations

With no one else in the room

I became my own judge and jury

Last time I checked

I am getting fifteen years

Parole in five

For good behavior

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