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It's Time To Give The Bathroom A Good Cleaning

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The Very Last Thing On My Mind

My wife mentioned the bathroom looked messy

And that is putting it lightly

I admit it could look better

Our toothbrushes in a glass

They could be tucked away

We also have our electric toothbrushes off to the side

We use the manual brush and the electric

Hoping to give our teeth a better clean

A soap container almost empty

So we had it upside down

In an attempt to add it to another one

It was too much work

So it was easier to cut it right open

Years ago I was taught not to waste

Even if it was pennies

Those pennies add up to dollars

Some day you wish you had

We had different kinds of shampoo bottles scattered around

Towels some rolled and some folded

Vitamins tucked in the corner

On the bottom of the cabinet

We had different household cleaners

Leaning against a row of glass jar candles we like to use

Everything else was a complete mix

From deodorants to band aids and sanitizers

We have a whole pharmacy behind one door

As I organized things

I shook my head

Because I even forgot we had these things

I had many razors

A bag of rags for all cleaning projects

The room became smaller and smaller

As I began to put things back on the shelves and into hiding

Finally, finished not exactly the way I had hoped

Still better than it was

Until next time

We will keep using things up

By not replacing them

It will give us more room