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It's Time For Your Walk

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We Have To Keep Our Routine

As odd as it may seem

Every day between five and five-thirty

It is time to go pee

If you have to go or not

You have to try

Even if your sound a sleep

If we don't go now

You may pee in the house

Then we have a bigger problem

To clean up

I know it's early

Dogs have been doing it for years

I never heard of cats doing it?

That is the first

After about five minutes

We both go back to bed

Trying to start where we had stopped

I was in the middle of a good dream

As I sit here trying to remember

Very little is coming back to me

Luckily we don't need a leash

So you heard it here first

Our cat Charlotte remembers like clockwork

She doesn't take no for an answer

You have only heard half the story

It takes a real sharp turn

Charlotte is the one who wakes me up

Every morning she walks me to the bathroom

She steps a few inches ahead of me

The whole way

Every so often turning

Darting in and out of my two legs

As to say you know the way

She stops in front of the toilet

Waits for me to catch up

Then she jumps up on the seat cover

Rubs her head against the lever

Circles round and round until I pat her

Then she hops off

I lift up the seat

I try to go

Although it was not on my mind

I didn't even know

Sure enough I start to tinkle

Charlotte paces back and forth

As if to say

I am waiting for you

Make it snappy

I pat her a few times

She does circles around me

Under my legs

Off to a magazine

Rubs her head on the corner

Each time coming back to me

Are you done yet?


I swear I heard her say

We didn't come all this way for nothin

Give it one more try

Then when I am done

She leads me back the way we came

I am so glad she doesn't walk me outside in the winter and in the rain

If I don't get up

She does everything in her power

She claws at the bed

Aggravating me to know end

She will go as far as to nip at my hand

Then when we walk back

Charlotte makes a b-line to the kitchen

As to say since your up

Follow me

I slowly walk and watch her stop at her dish

From the nice warm carpet

To the cold linoleum floor

She stops to eat a little

Then she walks me back

In bed

Off you go

She jumps on the bed first

I pat the lower end

She once again

Roams back and forth

Then when I crawl in

She finds a comfortable spot

I know now what is she is thinking

I should get paid

Even if I do get paid

It would never be enough

So off to sleep we both go

Until tomorrow then we will repeat the same routine

This has been going on for years

I know you might not believe me

I am still trying to get it all on camera

Better yet video

My wife says Charlotte got you up again


The queen has spoken

Hey, Charlotte

Why we waking daddy?

He needs his beauty sleep

No answer just a nod from her

Overall she gets the job done

Sometimes she will hit the cat box before we are finished

Showing me one more time

This is how it is supposed to work

It's not that hard

You are overthinking it

Hey, what can I tell you

Your not the only one

When you got to go

You got to go

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