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It's Still in Your Mind


The silence of our romance
Has displaced your mind
When it was easy
You never knew how it could be
So hard to live with me on your mind
He'll never get rid of it

You had to put it all down
I wrote about it, you dropped it
Don’t lose faith, it’s what’s next
Learning how to live apart
With each other on our minds
You'll never get rid of it

Nobody is responsible
It fell without instead of within
Drifting looking for a place to go
Trying to find what to do with yourself
Trying to live with love on your mind
I'll never get rid of it

Neither one of us faked it
The real thing never ends does it
I’m not a picture in your camera
I can’t figure it out either
So let’s live with a movie in our mind
Nobody can get rid of it.

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