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It's Snowing Outside

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Oh Wonderful Snow

So bright

So nice

Give me a handful of that beautiful, fluffy, white powder

Cover the houses

Cover every car and tree

I feel you made the snow just for me

I rush to put my gloves on

Where is my hat?

I need my hat?

I can't go outside without my hat

Bundling up tight

Putting my boots on quickly

I am going to have so much fun

Kicking the snow with my feet

Lifting it in the air

It is early in the morning

No neighbors are awake

Soon they will have to get up for work

Then I will hear the shovels across the driveway

The car windshield being brushed

The bright car lights shining in my direction

The day will continue

With the plows going up and down the street

Cars leaving track marks across the smooth surface

I will look for animal footprints in the magical wonderland

Where I can go in any direction

Enjoying what nature has brought and no man can stop

Leaving all my worries and troubles behind

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