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It's Requesting For All

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I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives

He was a researcher studying,

Something about the crawling, animals

Got to the local tutor, ask

For his aid in work.

He was given all he

Had but something was missing

The study about tortoise

Was not among the ones given

Desired to work in this

Area for tortoise were many

In the region but they

Ain’t touched, special are they

To the people of the

Land for the oral history heard

About it shows they are

Special to those in the region

In the oral history when

Patiently listened to and harnessed

One would discover that they

Are placed among the deities

Deities to the people of

The area are accorded respects

They passed the message across

Tortoise should be accorded due respect

Like the god of moon

God of sun and other

Gods that they do accord

Due respect to in all ways

This they have all been

Doing, according respects to gods

Tortoise inclusive and anyone who

Fails to accord respect due it

Would be severely punished if

Not totally excommunicated from the

Community and barred for some

Years if not for life.

However, with the research work

Of this man, that may

Likely be changed by the

Submission of his research works

Local tutor viewed this when

The researcher approached him for

Assistance in the work he

Wants to do on tortoise

His view into what may

Likely happen makes him not

To be willing to offer

Any assistance to the local researcher

His belief would be affected

The belief in which he

Has been brought up from

His childhood stages would be altered

Outside this altering, he may

Incur the wrath of the

Leaderships of the land, for

They will say he knows rules

He knows customs and culture

Of the land, but he yet

Flouts it, the researcher may

Not be touched at all

For he was from a distance

Place who has been hearing

Things about the land before

But unaware of what it entails

This handcuffed the local tutor

From assisting the man in

His endeavors of going deeper

Into the fabrics of tortoise


He though played on the

Researcher given him appointments

That he knew he would

Not honor for weeks

It took a while before he

Knows that the local tutor

Has shifted base and was

Playing on his intelligence

After discovering this, he has

To leave him and look

For someone else for getting

A clue to the research work

Not many want to offer

An assistance in this regard

For the fear of the

Culture overwhelmed them all

After a long search he

Got someone who has been

Excommunicated from the community

By the leaderships for defying

Defying their orders on according

Due respects unto the tortoise

As it has been due unto

The deities of the lands

This man when he was

Told by the man that

He needed his assistance with

Regards to the tortoise

Willingly offered some advises he

Knows and he said, if

He wants to know more

About the tortoise he would need these

He would need to get

The head of the legs

Of the tortoise. If he

Could get those, all is resolved

The researcher did not know

The implications of what he

Said and he went all

Out in search of those parts

He desires to get that

He desires for knowledge he

Desires to know things about

The type of tortoise there

Since tortoise abound in the

Land he thought he would get

It easily but he was mistaken

Because everywhere he turns

No one was willing to

Render unto him the needful

Assistance that he requires

From them on tortoise

He was tired of this

Till he gets to a person

In custody of many tortoise

Asks for head and legs of it

The man was stunned to

Hear that from a stranger

An ordinary researcher. Who told

Him something like this?

That kind of request is

Exclusively reserved for worshippers

Of the deity, tortoise no

One could get that secret

Except those in the inner

Circuit of the worship of

The deity called Tortoise

Within their community and outside

After been speechless for a

While he recovered from the

Shock clears his throat and

Said that may be difficult

The researcher pleaded with him

To have mercy on him

And assist him in getting

Those parts of the tortoise

Then the custodian of many

Prophets said the albatross for

Thine request is because no

One, repeat no one asks for such

No one asks for such

Because asking for such parts

Means that you are requesting

For a whole tortoise

No one in the custody

Of tortoise would be ready

To part with a whole

Tortoise that you as asking for

You have yet to get what

You asked for because you

Have been asking for all

He said on a final note

Now it becomes clear unto

Him why it has been difficult

For him in making appreciable

Progress in his research works

Because of their belief in

Deity called tortoise and via

This he also knows that

Requesting that could only come

From people who have deeper

Insights into the deity called

Tortoise itself in the land.

He nods his head, sign of clarity

Since he has started, he

Desires to finish the started

Work, thence, he moves out

Of the community to ask

At the place he got to,

He found someone who could

Offer him what he requested

For, for his research works

The parts of the tortoise

Yea the entire tortoise itself

To dig into new avenue

That has been neglected for long

It was a wonderful discovery

That he made in his research

Which helps other researchers

As he has laid a solid foundation


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