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It's Real to Me

One day all that will remain
Are the things that I said
If you never heard my voice
It's as deep as the things in my head

We think so many things
I chose to reveal them to you
Openly and without fright
I hope you believe I was being true

I'm not trying to convince you
Only reveal why I feel as I do
If the blood flows the wrong way
It's only that my veins are twisted in two

I'm not chasing after anything
But that is just another lie
Because I tell you about my life
Wanting you to know before I say goodbye

When we meet again it's ok to cry
But if you want to laugh instead
I will follow along with you my friend
This is the life we choose before we are dead

The feeling repeats in my head
But rivers flow over new ground
That is how I can live this way
Eroding silt always gathers making new sounds