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It's Real If You Walk Away

I would not add to your burdens
If only I knew what my presence means to you
Singing to the trees?
I looked through the barbed-wire
The divide between the beauty of this earth
I can only look
And the ugliness that forever lives
How can I expect to know what is right for you
I hope I guess right
I know what kind of world I want
We live as opposites between war and peace
Drawn together we must
Our hearts know what to love
Reaching into my wallet is not the message
Gold is never really there
It’s been so long since it mattered
I seem to be afraid that I won’t have enough
I want to die paying my last bill
Nobody seems to be listening anyway
But I hear electronic music from a faraway time
It seems I missed the meaning
My misery is about heavens place
I hope the hell I know is only there to remind me
It's only real if you walk away

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