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The Way It Fell

Fearless letters written in my dreams
Only a memory can tell me what to say
Every adventure is not just for me
Come back, let me take you there

There’s no sorrow in you now
The moment you came home
Inside where love was about now
Knows this may be not be tomorrow
I’m not selling my promises this time
Go ahead, cry now, it’s all you’ve known

Can you hear yourself in the nights past
Speaking to me, your eyelashes alive
Your words, not so hard to understand
Your heart, soon in another man's hand

There’s no pain in you now
You left your home behind
Outside where love is yours now
Knowing it was never ours yesterday
Forgetting what was said is easy this time
Go ahead, laugh now, the weeds have grown

It's not the way I wanted to love somebody
It's not the way I wanted to love you
It's not the way I wanted it to end
It's just the way it fell