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It's Not That We Are Not Dying


It’s not that we’re not dying.

Everything is dying. Our words
Shows sign of death: they
Fall on death ear.
Our selfish ways is killing us:

Can you smell the odor from your feet?
That is the chemical in the food we eat
We thought the world was coming to an end
Because the third millennium is a period of time
that started on January 1, 2001,
none of us was expected to be around
to see this new presidency.

It’s not that they have forgotten
they are too busy these days
Thinking of ways to build the wall
While others thinks of way to activate
The nuclear bomb: just for so

It not that we are not dying,
It can happen anytime:
Before noon, before the sunset
Before the dawn, we are dying:
I am advocating for the dead.

When another day comes,
We must give praises,
We are not death prove,
We are targets, we all waits in our homes
Like sitting ducks, watching the nightly news:

*Science may have found a cure for most evils,
but it has found no remedy for the
worst of them all--the apathy of human beings." quote:Helen Keller*

When a man kills his wife,
He kill a nation, he kill the happiness of
Those she left behind: he triggered a war
Between two peaceful countries

He manifest hate, he left a bad taste in one's mouth:
But it’s not that we are not dying,
We are, but because of willful ignorance:
Some casket is best left close:
She was an example of willful blindness:


Annie (author) from NewYork on May 07, 2018:

Louise Powles and Frank Atanacio thank you all so much for taking time to read my Monday morning thoughts..

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on May 07, 2018:

A powerful and thought-provoking poem. We never know when our time will come.

Annie (author) from NewYork on May 07, 2018:


Frank Atanacio from Shelton on May 07, 2018:

dreary and dark this poem reads... I sense the strain in every line.. well written my friend...

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