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It's Not Ours

Where we once gathered
The water is still the same
We’re the old ones now
Our children know who to blame
We know the past
And believe we know best
But it’s almost over for us
They’re building their own nest

It's not ours

They can’t live like us
It’s not the way of tomorrow
We can only tell them
We changed in great sorrow
Our sins are not their nails
How can we preach
When they read a will
That cannot teach

It can't be learned

We see a man kneel down
Another makes a holy land claim
The world we grew up with
The anger is still all the same
We want to believe
In the past we remember
But that’s a private club
Our children are not a member

It can't be joined

You better understand now
It’s the way to get passed by
Do you want to hold them back
Or help them when they cry
Someone has it in for them
Do you see the bullets fly
There’s so much left to do
They weren’t born to die

It's too soon

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