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It's Not My World Anymore

I don’t have to be a part of everything
And it doesn’t have to be my only glory
It’s not how I want to die
There are things greater than me
But it’s by a standard I no longer hold
It’s not what I want to buy
I don’t have to interpret life in any way
I don’t have to be impressed with a face
It's not the direction I fly
There are stories of greater awakenings
But nobody has ever told them to you
I'll tell you I won't lie
I don’t have to know what I’m doing here
I don’t know that I’ve been paid enough
It’s not for what I will try
I won’t think about things that cut glass
What I have are not followers but friends
I want to look them in the eye
I’ve never eaten a full meal in a bad place
A farmer’s garden is the only diner for me
It’s what comes from the sky
I don’t hurt today and then win tomorrow
I want no market power or uncaring heart
I know it’s my turn to cry

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