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It's Not A Battle

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I Have No Scars Of War

It is just another day

One so much like the day before

Changing so slightly

Keeping the same in demensions

What we do

Is all up to us

What we don't do

Is also up to us

Feelings are our guide to what is right and wrong

What happens when those feelings are mixed

Not clear cut

Not precise and accurate like a laser

Do we stop

Rethink our position

Then again we could barrel on through

Like a bull in a china shop

I borrowed that line from my mother

Who borrrowed that line from someone else

Where it came from

Who really knows?

I think it means

I would go in and wreck the place

Looking for something

That I probably will never find anyway

I am going in looking

It is a good start

My cat Charolotte is sound asleep by my side

She is the one who woke me

Inspired me to get up at 5 in the morning

Now it is 7:45

I wrote a few comments

That seems like a lot of time just for comments

Time slips away when you are in the moment

Nothing else seems to matter

It rained yesterday and last night

So the ground is all wet

No yard work today

I leave for work in 4 short hours

I did get some sleep

I wonder if 4 hours is enough

4 has come up a lot

Maybe it means something

The town is repaving our street

The crew is one house over

Today is the day

Well, once again random thoughts come to mind

That will once lead me on a merry chase

To find more meaning

To find a great source of energy and kindness

That doesn't evaporate like water

That only builds and builds

Until one day we see the difference

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