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It's No Surprise To Me

That We Had An Amazing Day

Our plans were soon executed

So efficiently and like clockwork

Each one adding to our day of excitement

We rolled out a few suggestions

That seems to play out well

Even now with only twenty-two minutes left to this day

Everything from meeting my wife's cousin for lunch

Taking a drive and getting something to eat

Going food shopping and fixing a quick supper

Watching a little t.v. we both enjoy

It may not be the life other people have

It sure is the life I know well and live every day

My wife tired and off to bed

I stayed up a little bit to kick around some last-minute ideas

We were both off from work today

Which is where we spend the most beautiful time together

My wife and I discuss everything under the sun

An open conversation on so many topics

In between patting our cat Charlotte

We often talk to her as if she was a real person

There are so things that are nice for a man to do

When we stop for gas

I always get out of the car and gas up our car

It is not like my wife can't do it

I am glad to do it

I feel it shows respect and it is the polite thing to do

I wonder if all gentlemen do it for their spouses?

There are little things that make my wife happy

She will say thank you many times during the day

It is when I do the unexpected or pamper her just a little bit more

I get the biggest rush

It's such a fulfilling feeling I get deep inside

It was raining today so I went out and put the groceries in the car

Then I pulled the car up to the door for my wife

Usually, we go out together and I put the groceries in while she starts up the car

Recently, I have found different colorful masks at Target and at Kohl's

I wasn't in the store that long

Before thoughts flood my head

Like someone hitting the keys on an old adding machine

My brain clicks away

I thought she would love the colors and at the same time look a bit sexy

I picked them up for my wife as a little surprise

Then I wonder did I do it more for her or me

It is not about the biggest, fastest, and most expensive things money can buy

It is all about the little things that over time

That turn into the big things in our life

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