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It's No Longer Sad

She once said, “I’m here”
“So am I”, he said
It’s hard to be there for anyone
Leaving was part of the plan
But was it yours or was it mine?

I know why you finally left
You don’t cry for just anyone
Especially for the wrong man
Whose heart love cannot define

The only real love
Was it true what she said
You would be the last
Now it looks like it’s true
The only one life gave him

Playing out the hand of love
Until somebody goes all in
Is that all I’m waiting for
What do they think they’re gonna win?

You whispered things
We both believed
That’s why it was so real
Now you’re whispering again
I wonder if he knows what you told me

No it’s not a sad story anymore
How lucky to know it was right
Too many years have passed
For me to be angry in the night