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It's Me, Your Unlawful Child

I saw a lot of people misjudged other people because of their gender identity. This poem aims to promote the gender equality as a whole.

It’s Me, Your Unlawful Child

Like a sunflower that blooms in a winter

It's hard to understand, it feels like a nightmare

Am I considered as a sinner?

When I, as a boy turns out to be a girl

I know it's wrong, so in the right place, I tried to stand

But what can I do? When like a water, it can never be on my hand

Darkness, fear, and pain, I lived in that kind of land

But what can I do? When it's my father who holds the wand

The time came when my heart encourage my brain

I get out of this world and break the chain.

In the world I showed my true gender and face the fear

Even the fear I feel for my beloved father

Then my eyes was filled with tears and anger

My trembling body and my heart was hurt altogether

When my father's fist and words hits me harder and harder

Saying " You unlawful child, I don't need you here".

When I left home alone

I studied hard and strive along

Then I finally found where I belong

Became a doctor, well and strong.

It was my father's birthday when I decided to come back home

And I was shocked seeing my ill and weak father at his room

He then asked me who I am,

I answered " It's me, your unlawful child"

Together, our tears falls from our eyes

He hugged me and I hugged him back.