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It's Just You And Me Kid

Against The World

It is my attempt to write from the passion in my soul

I am up late or is it I'm up real early in the morning

Even if I didn't go to bed last night

One day led to the next

The way a pen would bleed on paper

I bleed words

They want to be said

They talk inside my head

They don't always make sense

They are a bundle of good thoughts

Twisted by some other tough emotions

That can be not so good

They are like the man behind the scenes in a production

They make the production go off smooth

They are hardly ever really appreciated

They are so desperately needed

Without them their would be no production

I feel it is like the power behind a pimple

I don't like you

I will never like you

You come out of the blue

You aggravate me and everyone I know

You are a bad apple

Then when you reach a white head

You are popped

Parents tell you not to do it

They are embarrassing and hurtful

They show up on the strangest of places

Under the corner of your nose

On your neck or chin

Right in the middle of your forehead

Can it get any worse than that

The teenagers get them more often

I have had them in in my fifties

I think from sweat

The dirt gets sealed in your pores

I am not a medical expert

This is from what I might of read or heard

I did not look it up

This is what I believe

So this ugly mean pimple has got to go

When it is gone

My mind will do everything not to visit that unhappy state

So I wash my face good when I come in from the yard or the garden

I didn't like that uncomfortable, uncontrollable situation

I will avoid it at all costs

When I see someone else with a white head

I want to tell them

Can't you see that

I want to pop it for them

I mind my p's and q's

I learned it's not polite or the right thing to say

I know how I felt

Even if that time was 40 years ago

My anger to any thing that leads to a nasty pimple

Through that rising problem

I find a way to work it out

To get to the bottom of my feelings

To bring me back to a happier place

That I love so much

I left out that pimples for a guy can also come on his chest

Will people ever write about them as a subject to cover

Probably in a medical book or Dear Abby

Maybe in a question and answer section in Woman's Day

Who knows it might even be an article in Playboy

But a poem

Yes in a poem

Where pimples are rejected and cast out of society

For what they really are

Shunned and pushed aside

They are a modern day bully

That has to go

There is no changing them

So now from this what have we learned

I bring myself full circle

I now can let my true emotions

Push for something good

Here goes nothing

Now presenting in full color

I poem by Dream On

I'm Putting You On The Spot

I friend your not

You are white which is a color I usually like

I will never give you the time of the day

Because you come uninvited and no matter how often I tell you to get lost

You keep coming back again

You travel alone

But don't let that fool you

You are down right mean

You destroy lives

Young lives

Embarrassing and just awful

I could call you every name in the book

It would make me feel a lot better

Even though it wouldn't change a thing

I feel bad for those children that have really bad acne

I only had to deal with you on occasion

I heard young girls use make up to cover them up

I guess it is part of puberty

That was thirty eight years ago

I still remember the Clearasil ads on t.v.

There were also other products on the market

My father told us to use Noxema

Well there you have it my friend

A foe of mine from years ago

Never written about until now

When my face is looking good

I am as happy as I can ever be

I can yell from the roof tops

I am pimple free

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