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It's Just 20%

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Sara is a creative writer and her vision is to spread Happiness, love and Optimistic thoughts.


Birds chirping at sunrise

Deep blue sky with all its vastness

The beauty of ice covered mountains

All belongs to one God

The birth of a baby

Is truly a miracle

So what People have started classification in castes, colours and tribes

By what criteria the discrimination among people have increased

Don't they believe;

We all have to return to the one and only Allah Almighty

He blessed us with love, money, and relationships

Instead of showing gratitude for those blessings

We invented new ways like;

Being rich is a stamp of success

These new paths have drifted away the trust from relationships

However, a successful person is the one who;

Utilizes his money in the guidance of teachings of Islam

Apply a simple rule in your life

Take out just 20 percent of your income

And, dedicate that money for deserving people

Ultimately, Allah Almighty will reward you

the double you have spent on poor people

It's upto you, how much percentage you want to take out from your income

Search around you

You can be the someone's angels or superhero

Make positive difference in people's life

Just remember, All belongs to one God

Sara Shahid.

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