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It Hurts.

Hertha is a student at Unam. In her free time she spends time reading and writing about social issues. She always has something to say.


He would text me in the evening asking me how I am doing,

I would tell him, "fine", and ask, " how about you?"

He would then reply and ask about my day,

I would tell him about it and ask about his,then he is done.

From there it's now my aim to make up a conversation,

I have to think about something that we can discuss,

It was great at first till I noticed that he never asked what I was doing,

He never even asked about my family but I did ask about his.

I decided to not contact him and he never even bothered to contact me,

When I asked why he said," I thought you would be busy",

Pretty lame to decide that for someone who always checks up on you everyday and all the time,

Who does not contact the one they claim to want around all the time?

At this moment am done with him and his lies,

His thing of not wanting to know me,

For crying out loud he does not even know my favourite colour,

Yet we have been talking for over four years and I could write a book about him.

Do I love him? not anymore,

Does he love me? I don't know

I rather be alone with my beautiful dog,

Then be with someone who knows nothing about me, but ow it hurts.

© 2020 Hertha David

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