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It’s Here Again

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


As he started growing,

That is when he

Began to know what

The world really means

His parents have been

Telling him repeatedly that

The world is a

Complex place to live in

But he doesn’t believe

Them, for he says

The world during their

Days was complex but not now

Soon he started living

Alone, having received the

Necessary training from his

Parents for 18 years

During those years he

Was living under their

Roof. Expectedly he should

Be learning from them

Seeing how they do

Things to be able

To pattern his life

After their parents.

That is what education

Is all about. Learning

From others, learning from

Those who are older

Learning from those who

Know more than we

Do in certain fields

Disciplines and the world

When he wanted to

Leave their parents, they

Were moved and would

Not want him to leave

Because they loved him

So well, outside being

The child begotten at

Their old age he is

Essentially the child who

Obeys them into letters

He carries out their

Wishes and commands.

They know he would

Do well where he

Was going to, because

He has received adequate

Training from them. When

He got to the

New apartment that he

Has rented, he started noticing some things

Those signs were not

Good. As the people

Of the land used

To say, he needs cleansing

He contacted people who

Usually do that in

Their land, and the

Apartment was cleansed

Spiritually and physically and

All seems “okay” for

Sometimes afterwards. But after

A year, he started noticing some things

He saw some birds

Hovered over his apartment

In the area, this

They did for 3 days

Those kinds of birds

He has never seen

Before since he was

Not a hunter.

Started thinking that what

Does those kinds of

Birds want in the

Town. No answer was forthcoming

After those birds, he

Again noticed that some

Dogs gathered around his

House at night and started “crying”


Dogs “crying” in his

Area portends dangerous things in

The near future. That

Their kind of belief.

Started to think about

People close to him.

Called his parents and

Siblings to know about their welfare

All of them were

Well according to the

Response and they all

Asked him what the problem was

Couldn’t say anything other

Than he saw some

Weird thing and he

Was moved for the first time

They all resolved to

Start praying. But they

Really do not know

What to center their prayers upon

Exactly two months after

Seeing these, what happened

Was he was sacked

By the management of his company

For what he knows

Nothing about. Despite his

Defenses the management insisted

That what they done

Is the final, they

Won’t reverse their action

That he should leave

The company, after all it is not his parent’s

He left the company

Started seeking for another

A month after this

Robbers broke into his apartment

All his possessions were

Stolen away with some

Of the cash and

Gold products he has at home

The possessions and the

Money did not pained

Like the gold, because

Some of those were

Ancient things given to

Him by his grandparents

When they were alive

They were memorable and costly

While he was yet

To pass through this

And his parents were

Counselling him not to

Weigh himself down with

The thought about that

He fell into terrible

Sickness and was hospitalized for days

He has never spent

A day on admission

In the hospital before

But now that this happened

It was strange unto

Him, weird and verily

Disturbing. While recuperating he

Started remembering his parent’s words

That the world is

A complex place, and

One does not know

The world until one starts living alone

Eight months after he

Recovered from his sickness

He secured another appointment

And was moved to another town

In that place he

Started building his life

From the scratch again

But after 12 months

In the new place,

Those signs he saw

Before those terrible things

Happened to him


He started seeing them

Again. This time it

They were not continuous

Like it were those days

He called the attention

Of people to it,

And they said it

Was nothing.

Some weeks after the

Initial sights, he saw

Those things in the

Order he saw them before

Thus, he asked for

Leave of absence from

His work place and

Fled the town to a place

Said he would live

There for a while,

For those things he

Saw was a replicate of what saw before

While leaving the place

Some of the valuable

Things he has gotten

That can be moved

Were taken along. Two

Days after leaving. Robbers

Broke into his apartment

But now, they couldn’t do much harm

Like what happened to

Him earlier. When he

Heard the news about

That he was expecting other fall outs

But those did not

Happen. The spiritualists consulted

Later told him that

Those did not happen

Because he fled the

Place for assuming he

Did not, they would

Have happened in that order

This time more terrible

Than the first. What

Could he do to

Save the situation he started thinking

The world really is a

Complex place. But what

Can he do to avert

A repeat of these?

On this thought he

Was when he was

Introduced by a man

To the person called “The Light”

He was told that

If he could accept

The Light into his

Heart, then he would

Help him through those

Worrying conditions that are

Repeating itself daily for

Those are demonic

He has grown weary

Of this. Apart from

That for how long

Would he continue fleeing?

He decided to give

It a trial since it

Does not cost a dime

Even if it costs money

He would be glad

To pay the amount

So that he would start

Living his life peacefully.

A year after accepting

The Light into his

Life, those things appear

Again. He said

“Here they come again”

Let us see what

The Light would do

I have been told that

He can protect me

A part of him

Wanted to flee, but

Another part asks him to stay back

He though was afraid

Of staying back, but

He gave it a trial

Stayed back.

After those things. The

Day the robbers came,

The police were parading

The streets that day

Those robbers were apprehended

While in his work

Place someone very close

To him was caught

Stealing the company’s properties

The person almost implicated

Him but he was saved

He also felt some

Symptoms of sickness, body

Weakness and pains but

Was not hospitalized as

It happened before

Then he remembered the

Light. The Light has

Indeed done it for

Him and was grateful

For the Light indeed

shineth in darkness; and

The darkness comprehended

it not. Now he understands

That but as many

As received him, to them

gave he power to become the

Sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

Now he can live

Freely anywhere because he

Knows that the curse

Is broken. He is free.


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