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It's Heavenly

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To Be Free

There will always be many ways of deception

Tricks that other people use to get what they want

We might fall victim

We might stay clear of any such nonsense

We might get mixed up in a little of both

Life has many different sides

Every time we think we have the answer

What we thought was a square

Was really an octagon

We only seen one side

So how could we know?

Too early to judge

We made a mistake

Now realizing we have a history

Of trial and error

Now is no different

We are capable of changing our direction

Finding a new and brighter path

One that will give us the pleasure and the greatest satisfaction

That we know does exist

Someone once said it is not the destination

It is the journey

How easily we tend to forget

The good lessons that we learn

Are suppressed by the bad

Turn away

Listen to the birds

For they chirp right on cue

The time is now four thirty-nine in the morning

They are loud and will be heard

If we listen or not

They let you know

Life is for the living

No time to dwell on the past

For it brings you to a place

That is hard to recover

Not impossible

it takes the wind out of your sails

Like a good punch in the gut

So as today will slowly unfold

Not as pressed and neat

Like clothes in the store

Ready to be scooped off the shelf

More like dirty clothes in the hamper

That have been worn many times

That will be washed again and again

Used and with great comfort and joy

Will serve me well

For any journey I should undertake

My cat Charlotte needs not to worry

She comes naked and never complains

Drinking her water

Eating the same old cat food

She can get so feisty

Filled with endless love

She never stops surprising me

Once again my cat knew more than me

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