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It's Cold Out There

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I'm Better In Here

I took a quick walk

Around the yard and to the mailbox

I couldn't wait to stuff my hand in

I quickly grabbed a handful of Christmas cards

I squeezed them tight

As if someone was going to take them away

One of the old joys that still make my heart skip a beat

Many people have stopped sending out Christmas cards

They have gone more modern

Sending out an e-mail or an e-card to everyone and it costs nothing

That might work for you

This is one time of the year

That I send out cards

I love the thrill

It is a pleasant surprise

To see what cards other people send

Some are store-bought

With some cool sayings

Others are unique with a family picture

Even a few people have left a note

With a few lines and sometimes a little story

Can you imagine

Hand written

I love it so much

For me I don't have to sign my name on a check for a bill that I owe

I love the modern advances in technology

Sometimes I just want to enjoy the simple joys

Ripping open an envelope

Opening the card

It's so exciting

Not knowing what to expect

Now reading the address last

Oh, I forgot about you

You are an old school friend

A neighbor who moved to another state

A relative who lives far away

I remember the back of my front door covered

Cards on the doorway and on a closet door also

Now less and less cards every year

We sent out over a hundred cards last year and got back about half

I must be old school

This is one thing

My wife and I will continue till we die

Then I got thinking if we like it so much

How many other people feel the same way

If anyone would like a Christmas card sent to them ?

The old fashioned way through the U.S. mail

We would gladly send you one

For me it sums up my whole year

We are still healthy, happy and glad to be alive

Madly in love

I don't know when that day will come to an end

We plan on celebrating this great feeling as long as we can

So you can text me a message

This idea popped in my head today

The one Saturday I get to do nothing

Your card might be a little late this year

Better late than ever

To all my writers and visitors

I wish you a wonderful and Merry Christmas

I can't forget a Happy Hanukkah for many more

I beautiful time of the year

To wish everyone a special loving gift

Of a lifetime of health and happiness

May you find the dreams you have always been searching for

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