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It's Dark Already And Nothings Done

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Two Hours From Now

My wife will be home

Our home is almost the same way as when she left it

No it's different

Even more of a mess

I pulled out a few things

I had great intensions

One bye one

Things started to fall apart

So the answer is

Our home is messier than when she left it

I had hi hopes

They were dashed quickly

Where did they go?

I don't know

I will go into emergency mode

Pull out the box that says

In case of emergency

Open here

Then follow the plan

As I reach into the box

Feel around

This is where it should be

I don't feel anything


I feel something

It has to be a detailed plan

Listing every solution to every problem known to man

This seems a little small

As I opened it

It says only a few lines

This is a to do later note

I am too busy now

I will write one up later

Dated September 13, 1974

I was ten years old then

I had all the time in the world since then

I never took the time to do an emergency plan

I always put it off


Just a little bit later

Not right now

Much later

Now I see that didn't work

I guess it's time to make plans as we go

A real live working plan

Change it slightly if the plans create more problems than good

Now we have something to start with

Like a brick in the sand

We may look a little out of place

In time we might just blend in

If not

Oh well

What did one brick say to the other ?


How did we get to the beach?

I am not sure

But I think one smart guy brought us here

For what reason?

I don't know how about you ?

I don't have a clue

I got it

It's hot

So so hot

Your face is flushed

Your turning beat red