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It's 3 A.M.

Served in the U.S. Army, attended and graduated from The University of Texas-Arlington with a bachelors in psychology and minor in sociology


It's 3 A.M.
As he restlessly lays in bed,
Recalling all the things that were said.
He thinks maybe the end is upon him.
So he relives the past with a pensive heart,
Remembering everything from the start.
From the first playful gaze,
To her alluring playful ways.
And the kiss that left him gasping for more.
As her voice begins to fade,
The pain cuts like a blade.
And he begins to slide away.
Succumbing to the night,
He reflects on her face one last time.
As his soul dies.
To haunt her no more.


© 2017 Augustine A Zavala


Augustine A Zavala (author) from Texas on January 07, 2018:

Robin, thank you for the comment. Love is intoxicating, but it can also be very painful. But a life without it wouldn't be worth living. Thanks again for the visit.

Robin Carretti from Hightstown on January 06, 2018:

Just incredible love your words they touched me to make me think more about how love can be

Augustine A Zavala (author) from Texas on December 27, 2017:

Yes, when a relationship goes terminal, it can feel like dying. As least for me. Thank you for the comment and visit.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on December 27, 2017:

This is an interesting love poem. The thought of a soul dying is dramatic and haunting!

Augustine A Zavala (author) from Texas on December 27, 2017:

Thank you Martie, my number 1 fan. I'm trying to move beyond and delve into different aspects of poetry. Thank you again for the comment and visit.

Martie Coetser from South Africa on December 27, 2017:

You have managed to load the words with emotion. Well done!

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