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On a dark night, i looked up to the sky

regretting for not having a goodbye

you didn't talk and neither did I

i only remember those cold stares

like it was my sins and it wasn’t yours

seems like i gave you away

but you let it happen on your way

your punishment was my ignore

and what happen was not what i looked for

i lost you it's a fact that went sure

it's fantastic, you and a new guy !

and all my hopes wants to die

in my chest a gap has appeared

because of what i've always feared

that feeling between us was a test

and i realised that i failed the test

i never wished you except the best

a great pure love in my heart i held

in my thought i was that love's keeper

but it endes up bieng that love's reaper.

© 2018 soufian medjehd

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