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To All Little Children

To All Little Children

Little children run around
Gather your cycles, marbles on the ground
Soar a kite high up in the sky
These years are the best and they'll fly by.

Run into the woods dark and deep
Into strange places do peep
Elves n toadstools ,where fairies have been
And only by little children can secretly be seen.

Dream away under trees with magic sounds
Make believe shapes of clouds do abound
Chase fierce dragons, scary shadows with a candle
Hug a puppy close, fingers in his fur do tangle.

Hold a friend’s hand jump over puddles
Bite into big juicy peaches n sweet apple strudels
Dip your toes in a stream so cold
These precious memories into your little heart do fold.

Carefree days filled with peals of laughter
Nary a thought just remain a dreamer
This is when heaven appears on the earth
And life truly shows its worth.

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