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It Was Always She


It was always she.

She's responsible for my childhood memories.

She's the one who made me hope life to cease.

She hated herself, she always felt inferiority.

She couldn't even look at herself in the mirror.

Whenever she does that, she feels horror.

She had a misery social life at school.

She always felt nervous even if everything was cool.

All of this had to fall on me.

But it‘s not her fault, she was born like this.

Yes, she did all of that.

But still, I don't know who owes the other an apology.

Maybe I should try to forget her.

But never, because she is a part of me.

I always tried to heal her wounds,

despite that she had hurt me, and she still does that to me.

She left those scars laying inside.

Yes, it was she.

She is me..the young me.

It was always she...

© 2020 Niajuol Alisruon