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It is Not Just a Song


It is not Just a Song by Diana L Pierce

It is not just a song,

But a memory in tune.

Recall of special days,

That ended way to soon.

Sing along the lyrics true,

And bring the days to life.

No reason to be forgotten,

For memories are so nice.

Emotions of our youthful past,

So briefly lodged in time,

Every thought we bring back,

Reminds us we are fine.

Listen to your favorite song,

And imagine like you lived it.

Chances are you aren’t far off,

Our minds absorb every tidbit.


It is not just a song,

Our story not complete,

Only the beginning,

Is waving at our feet.

Music sound emotions,

Heartaches play the theme,

Lyrics show our story,

Like we have never seen.

It is not just a song,

Our story seeks an end.

The rest of it is up to us,

For which it all depends.

Listen to your heart,

And enter every word,

Bring together thoughts,

That you still need heard.

It is not just a song.

© 2022 Diana L Pierce

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