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It Is Good to Be Good #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Her father replied them that if they will not join him in the work he is doing then they

Have to look for means of survival for themselves. She heard of this and told her spouse

About what her siblings are passing through. Her husband says they need to assist them

Since their children are yet in their childhood days, by the time they will get to adults

And their education would be demanding, they would have helped one or more of her

Siblings and that one it is their hope that he or she would help others coming up while

They would face their own children. She was happy with what her husband says and

Told her step brothers and sisters to apply for institutions of their choice. That was how

She and her husband sponsored three of them. Luck smiled on the first person as he also

Secure job at the company of her husband and by that he was able to sponsor about

Three of them, while those he sponsored also sponsor some people after graduating.

When the woman’s children come of age, those people took it upon themselves to sponsor

Her children in institutions of higher learning, stating that had it not been for their mother

Sake, they probably would not have been who they have become. Though they know that

Whatsoever God desires a person to be in life, the person would become, but it may be with

Lots of stress, but when someone sees a helper as they have seen in their sister the

person’s journey would not be strenuous like those who are without assistants. When the

man was retired by the company he was working with, those people come together to

Present to him a car, telling him that he needs not to work again for he has labored

And should now be reaping the rewards of their labor. The man thanked them but asks

That they do him a favor, they should allow him to be working if they do not want him to

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Die early. They ask him to tell them whatsoever he wants to invest in that they will

Get those for him. Then he told him that he wants to be doing a small business so that

He will be exercising his muscles daily. They joined their resources together to get him

A huge money to start his business with. Apart from this, every month, they give him

Money for his upkeep stating that he is their savior. The man and his wife were in their

Apartment one day and they flashed their minds back to the time he says he would assist

Her step brothers, that assuming he did not listen to his heart’s instruction to assist them

During the period, all that he is now enjoying he will not be able to enjoy again. His wife

Also thanked him very much because during the period there had been many people who

Have told him not to do what he wants to do because they have regretted assisting

People, even their siblings, let alone helping outsiders, in-laws. But he had insisted that

He will help them and if they do not remember him when they ought to, he believes

Unknown people will come to the rescue and help him. His resolute decision has paid

Off which is said to be rare in the island. When they paid Her father a visit, he thanked her

For taken the decision she took when she took it, stating that God has sent her ahead as

Savior for her siblings and step brothers and step sisters. For assuming she did not do

What she did, she may have missed her spouse and may have been living in regrets now.

Some of the man’s friends who were still alive told him that his’ is exceedingly rare case, it

Would one in thousand in the island. What happened to him has shown them all that it is

Good to be good, and it is not good that one relents in doing good, for at the appropriate time

One would start reaping the rewards of their work.


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