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It Is Good to Be Good #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


As the culture of the island demands, his parents sought for him a beautiful damsel to

Be married to when he has come of age. In the island, it is the parents who will seek for a

Man the first man that he will get married to, and they are the one who shall pay for the

Dowry and everything that the family of the damsel will demand for. After they had done

This they will declare the young man free. They will build a house for him that he will move

To with his spouse, however, if the family is a poor one in the island, the father of the son

Would carve out a room or rooms for their son according to their financial power, where

The young man and his wife shall move to so that the man’s parents would not interfere in

The activities of the new family. They are expected to build their own families themselves

Without interference from the spouse parents. This was what the father of this young man

Did for him when he comes of age to get married to a lady. After seeking for the damsel and

Paid the dowry, they became husband and wife. Since the family is a poor one, the father

Asked his wife, who is his mother to move out of her room to his’, while they used some

Planks to carve out the room from that of the family and other children as they started their

New life. The young man was a hardworking one, and within a year that he has been set free

By his parents, he was able to raise money from the works of his farmland and build a

Small room for himself which makes him and his wife who was heavy to move out of the

Father’s apartment to their separate apartment, an apartment that can be called theirs’. He

Continued to work hard and it was not surprising that he could expand the building,

Building more rooms and stores where he would be keeping his farm products. As things

Improve for the man, the wife too started having money on her, and she was not as humble

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As she was before to the man which makes the man to take a second woman, as the

Culture states that a man can marry many wives. After getting married to the second wife

There was climatic changes in the island which affects farmers, they lost so many things

That year, he was one of the farmers whose loss were on the high side. Things became

Difficult for him as he cannot feed his family again. When things became hard for him he

Decides to start trading, buying things from farmers and selling them to people. The work

Thrive and things were returning to normalcy for him. When the financial situation

Changes, he employed a lady who was working for him. One day, he finds the lady

Extra ordinarily attractive and from then he sets his eyes upon her to have her. After some

Push the lady accepts his words and becomes married to him. His farm has picked up

Again, and with the business everything seems to be in order for him. His first child is a

Girl, he tried his best on sending her to school, but after his daughter’s high school she

Told her father that she is not interested in academics again. What she likes to do was

Learning fashion designing. He supported her dream and enroll her at a place where she

Learnt fashion designing and tailoring. It was at this place that she meets with a man who

Works with a foreign company and they got married after a while. Few years after

Getting married to him, her step brothers have also finished from High school but now

Because of many children that her father has from the wives he has married he becomes

Financially incapacitated to send them to institutions of higher learning and had asked

Them to join him in farming for after all he could also not finish his elementary school. But

Those children insisted on furthering their education, stating that the world has changed and

They have to follow the trends of things as it is changing in the world.


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