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It Hurts Because of You

It hurts when you say,

I didn’t mean for it to happen this way.

It hurts every time you say,

I’m sorry.

It hurts when you say,

I miss you,

especially when you’ve made me sad.

But mostly it hurts when you say,

I love you,

with those really meaningful words.

There is those times when you make me cry,

with your cheating and your lies.

I know that sometimes I tell those lies too,

but never to hurt you,

or in return to make you cry.

But all of this hurt you have caused e,

leads to me to hurt myself,

all because of you.

I harmed myself because of you,

because I really cared.

I know I’ve lost,

I know it’s over,

but was it truly my fault.

Because I’m sure it’s me you’ve blamed.

And I’m the one who truly has lost.

And it hurts only because of you.

Because of you I’ve moved on now, I can’t lose anymore.

My life you tore it all apart.

But still, I will not sit and cry over what I’ve not got.

So because of you I’ve got someone new,

and because of you,

he will not hurt me like you do.

© 2017 Roseann Hipper

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