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It Hurts a Lot

Because I felt blue once and I wrote about. Verses come from Sadness.

1 It hurts a lot

It hurts a lot walking arround your needs,

wondering how to keep your thoughts,

lovely wishes and goals,

as far as possible from Weakness door.

Darkest than anything, and coldest too.

I come from there, my peaceful club,

where even God doesn't believe in himself

and Wind invites you not to breathe.

Dead people try to convince you passing away while

someone that you perfectly know gives you a spank on your ass.

Then you ask yourself if you can resist,

and when you turn round you can't avoid showing fear.

This person has your poorly smile.

You can't run, no, you can't run.

Their pain embedded on your back,

their pain stands deeply inside your mind.

© 2021 Martha Lambert

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