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It Was Not a Solar Eclipse

Misbah loves writing poetry. She says poetry is what makes her heart feels warm and light.

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Cautionary Note:

The poem contains a story about a girl who committed suicide, which, in my opinion, is a wrong thing, but it is something that we witness a lot of times. I am not encouraging the act of committing suicide, it is one of the biggest sins in Islam. Neither the poem nor the prose is intended to favor such an action.

Theme Of The Poem

The poem is about a girl who was betrayed in a love relationship; I feel very sorry for people who love someone wholeheartedly but do not receive love in return. It's always heartbreaking to witness and hear about betrayal and unrequited love in relationships. Seeing that no one cares for your emotions is one of the most painful things to experience. Even in today's world, many people die and attempt suicide as a result of betrayal in love relationships. The poem depicts a woman's story, though men can also find themselves in the same situation in some cases.

Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.

— Mineko Iwasaki

The Voice Went Unheard

She died in silence.

On a calm evening,

Her lips tremble,

The voice went unheard.

He walked away.

She believed, it was a solar eclipse,

The sun will emerge again,

But, the sun died this time. …

She, too, exhaled her final breath.

The moon glows because of the sun.

When did the moon start emitting its own light?

The final breath is drawn with ecstasy.

There is no regret,

And there is no hope left.

Sometimes someone dies all at once….

He went to see her.

Her ice-cold body lay in the bitter cold.

He wanted to shout, but he has a strong heart.

So how could he have?

He performed her last rites,

He took her to the nearest cemetery,

She was buried and the casket got closed.

He cried a little and then left.

She, on the other hand, felt at rest;

The grave, her new home, was so serene.

There was light, and there was no longer any stress.

She entered the city of light and tranquility.

He, too, had forgotten about her, and

His life continued as usual.

The question remained, what had Love given her?

Was she merely looking forward to dying at the end?

If this is love, it must come to an end...

For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.

— Suzanne Collins

© 2022 Misbah Sheikh

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