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It Takes a Woman to Make a Christmas

You have been here before
Your memories bursting
Like a dam on the verge of surrender
The fulcrum of preparation slowing
Like a sigh that it's already here
That's what you carry in your heart
Aging is never a question of relevance
Not if you tell yourself that it still matters
As do you

The children of long ago,
once the impatient lake behind the dam
Now willing to calmly reflect the sun and moon
Midnight in repose,
the beginning of a restless remembrance
Thinking of how little time we had
To just sit and dream of fairytales
And how many years we waited to be together

The lights are struggling in the daylight
And the warm air
It is always at our insistence,
to become what they unable to be

A white Christmas in the heat and green grass

We are able to be this way
Because we know how we want to feel
And the women will make it happen
They will never give up
What is love is what they are
If only we were easier on them

I want to always be grateful to you


That is what a string of lights at noon means
Gratefulness and love
Waiting for midnight to begin
As mother and wife becomes Christmas again