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It Sure Is Dark Outside

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My Wife Waking Me Up In The Middle Of A Deep Sleep

I think our cat Charlotte is throwing up

First I was in the middle of a wonderful dream

Then I suddenly get a jolt of reality

As my eyes try to open

They squint unsuccessfully

My wife repeats

Honey and the rest is still unrecognizable

I slowly try to respond

My body says heck no

Then my mind says you better

So I stretch my legs over to the carpet

My eyes not even close to being open

I walk forward

Walk out into the hallway

Where my mind started to decipher the words I heard a minute ago

Charlotte threw up in the hallway

As I look down our cat Charlotte is standing close by

Looking directly at me and somewhat shocked by what had happened

I quickly grab a tissue from the bathroom and with a sweep of my hand

Her accident is gone

It could have been a fur ball

She sometimes eats too fast

Maybe she has a touch of a cold

If we don't pick it up immediately

We don't know why

But she sniffs it and sometimes tries to eat it

I find that totally gross

It is like she is trying to fix her mistake

The first thing I do is tell her everything is o.k.

I call her over to me

She reluctantly walks away from where she is standing

I pat her and say we love you

Reassuring her and comforting her

This is not how I like to wake up

In the past there has been many versions of this same senerio

Each involving me getting up out of bed

Doing what a husband should do

Taking care of our daughter

She eats only dry food

The brand that she likes has salmon in it

She picks them out

Sometimes she eats them

Then her body must realize

Then comes back with

We don't like that and I am going to prove it to you

These are all my educated guesses

Based on somewhat fact and conjecture

It all sounds reasonable at five-thirty in the morning

That's the best I can do for now

Charlotte goes off in a backroom

I think to hide

We have never yelled at her

So I don't know why?

We got her as a kitten so there can't be anyone else that made her feel anxious either

There has to be something I don't know

A cat instinct

When I do see her

She is shy and timid

Very skidish

I know it may seem crazy

I couldn't make these things up if I tried

Well not having any children

This is the closest I come to a child being sick

All's well that ends well

That is a blast from my past

I heard that line from my parents when I was growing up

With the ease of Google

I found out a little more info

It comes from William Shakespeare's play in the sixteen hundred's

If work that is finished is good than everything is good

Now Charlotte has come out of hiding

She climbed up on the chair by my side

How good is that

We both are together

Back to a new normal

Whatever that may be

I thought wouldn't it be funny if animals had to wear masks too

That would be sad

I don't know why that idea popped into my head

Luckily I can pop it out just as fast

I am going back to bed

To get a few more hours of shut eye

Good night Charlotte

A few more pats on the head and kisses

I am glad you are all better

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